This photo was found in a hymnal  from the Marissa Methodist church, which was donated to the Marissa Historical Society

This appears to be a WWII photo and we care hoping someone out there can give us the name of this young man who apparently was from the Marissa area.

Please return to this page often as we hope our viewers can quickly give us the answer. We will post new pictures regularly. Hopefully we will not need to re-post any pictures in the future.

As a reminder: Help the future generations by going through your old pictures and identify the people. Do not write their names on top of the picture. Turn the picture over, place it on a hard surface and lightly print the names on the back of the picture. Names should be written in pencil, never in ink.

Caution: Some types of ink will penetrate the photo paper and ruin the picture over time.
NEVER WRITE WITH A BALL-POINT PEN. They can leave an impression on the face of the picture.