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Hill Cemetery/William F. Hill Bible Records

In the 1874 Atlas of St. Clair County, Illinois, the Hill Cemetery was located south of New Athens, in the NW 1/2 of Section 3, Township 3 South, Range 7 West (Lenzburg Township), St. Clair County, Illinois. The cemetery no longer is in existence.

In 1972 information was provided to the Historical Society by M. Alberta Hamilton. She also provided two affidavits which stated that the cemetery was about 2 miles south of New Athens, IL. The first affidavit was signed by Lester Hanft, whose farm is now located on the site of the old William F. Hill house. Mr. Hanft stated that the cemetery was located about 1/4 mile due south of his home. The second affidavit was signed by Laura M. Hill Vieley of Miami, Florida. She stated in her affidavit that Mortimer F. Hill was her father and she enclosed photostatic prints of records made on the Hill family, compiled and written by her father. Note: No dates were given.

Burials in Hill Cemetery
by Mortimer Hill

William Sarlouis – grandson of William Hill, son of Ellen L. (Hill) Sarlouis.
Ellen H. Sarlouis – daughter of William Hill and wife of Christopher Sarlouis.
Sarah Emge or Sarah H. Hill. Daughter of William F. Hill and wife of John Emge.
Florence Emge. granddaughter of William F. Hill and daughter of Sarah Emge
Mary Hill or Mary S. Hill, daughter of William F. Hill.
(page 33 & 34 of “A History of the Descendants of Shildes Moore in America” by George L. Moore.)
Ida Emge, grandchild of William F. Hill and daughter of Sarah Emge

Marion J. Hill, son of William F. Hill
Rebecca (Moore) Hill, wife of William F. Hill, daughter of Risdon Moore, Jr.
W. F. Hill or William F. Hill, son of Nathaniel Hill, husband of Rebecca (Moore) Hill
Nathaniel Hill, Sr, father of William F. Hill
Mary Hill, wife of Nathaniel Hill, Sr. and mother of William F. Hill
Nathaniel Hill, Jr., brother of William F. Hill
2 babies of J. & Jen H. ???
Nora Livel? (last name may be Lively
(pages 3,32,33,34 of “A History of the Descendants of Shildes Moore in America” by George L. Moore.)

Wm. F. Hill, was born March 7th 1806
Rebecca W. Moore (his wife) was born June 5th 1807
The above persons were married March 12th 1832. Their married lives extended 18 years, 9 months and 20 days when the husband and father died. The wife and mother lived a widow 19 years, 3 months and 21 day when she died.

Mortimer F. Hill and Sarah E. Moore were married March 7th 1878.
Nathaniel Hill, Sr. born August 7th 1779; died about 1849
Mary Hill, Sr. Born January 23, 1776 and died about 1838.

Marion J. Hill was born Nov. 30th 1832
Mortimer F. Hill was born Aug. 21st 1836
Sarah J. Hill was born January 19th 1839
Mary S. Hill was born June 12th 1842
Jethro M. Hill was born Feb 15th 1845
Ellen L. Hill was born Oct 8th 1848

Wm. F. Hill died January 1st 1851
Rebecca W. Hill, died April 22nd 1870
Marion J. Hill died June 22 1853
Mary S. Hill died Nov 3, 1855
Ellen L. (Hill) Sarlouis died Nov. 30th 1873
Sarah H. (Hill) Emge died Aug 12th 1876
Jethro M. Hill died Sept 13th 1916.