Since the founding of the Marissa Historical and Genealogical Society in 1969, many people have donated and contributed resources to our society.  These holdings are available to researchers who want to visit our home.  We ask that you leave the material in the same condition as you found them.  Summarizing our holdings, we have:


    Cemetery Inscription Books

    Census Books

    Church Record Books

    Death Record Books

    Dictionary of American Biographies

    Family History and Genealogy Books

    Family Records, in both book form and in files.

    Funeral Home Records

    Indexes of Many Records

    Marriage Record Books

    Randolph County History and Genealogy Books

    St. Clair County History and Genealogy Books

    Washington County History and Genealogy Books

     Other County Histories

Microfilm – Newspapers                                                                         

        NOTE: Not all newspaper editions survived to be microfilmed.

    The St. Clair Gazelle, Belleville, IL: May 25, 1835 to Feb. 10, 1838

    The Representative and Belleville News: Aug. 23, 1837 to May 1, 1839

    The Great Western, Belleville, IL: May 11, 1839 to May 9, 1840

    Coulterville Republican: 1918 – 1958

    Marissa Messenger: All available papers from 1882 to  July 25, 1991

               (Marissa Messenger and New Athens Journal Press merged Aug. 1, 1991)  

    New Athens Journal Messenger: Aug. 1, 1991 through Dec. 27, 2006.

              Journal Messenger: Jan. 2007 through Dec 25, 2008

    Sparta News: All available papers from July 29, 1909 to Dec. 30, 1920 

    Sparta Plaindealer: All available papers from May 10, 1873 to Sept. 30, 1921

               (Sparta News and Sparta Plaindealer merged Oct. 1, 1921)

    Sparta News-Plaindealer: Oct. 13, 1921 to Dec. 27, 2006

    Sparta News-Plaindealer:  Jan. 2007 through Dec 25, 2008

   Nashville Illinois   Newspapers – (all available papers on microfilm)

   Nashville Journal – Feb. 12, 1863 to June 15, 1960 

   Nashville Democrat – Dec 24, 1903 to June 26, 1924

   Nashville News – Dec 18, 1955 to Dec 26 2007

Quarterlies from Illinois and Non-Illinois Genealogical Societies


    Microfilm-Microfiche Reader with Printer

    Standard copying machine.