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“Branching Out From St. Clair County Illinois,” the Official Quarterly for the Marissa Historical and Genealogical Society, is published four times a year.  Every member will receive a quarterly as part of their membership fee.  The Quarterly is published in November, February, May and August.

Our quarterlies include genealogical and historical information from St. Clair, Randolph, and Washington Counties.

Members of the MHGS are encouraged to submit articles of historical or genealogical interest that they would like published in the quarterly.  We do not assume responsibility for errors or fact of judgment on the part of the contributor.

Back Issues of the quarterly are available for $10.00 per copy.

The MHGS encourages other societies to contact us about arranging an exchange.  Members of societies with whom we exchange quarterlies may submit one fee query per year.  Please inform us as to which society you belong when submitting your query.  Members of our society may submit as many queries per year as the desire.

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Contents of the last “four” quarterlies:

Volume 48, Number 2                                         February 2021

This Fellow’s been Around

New Athens Journal, September 1910

Washington County, Illinois Ghost Town

Marissa Monitor, 12 Jan 1883 and 26 Jan 1883

Nine Mile Baptist Association – 51st Anniversary

A Short Sketch of the Hamilton Family

World War II Letter

Our Military = Ll thur Matz

Mystery Photo

Who’s Researching Who?

Research Tips.

Volume 48, Number 1                                          November 2020

Marissa Township Coal Mines

Marissa Messenger Newspaper Abstracts April, May 1904

Information on Marissa Bank Building

Marissa Messenger Advertisements 1 Jul 1904

Hemphill Ancestors of Mary Ellen (Hemphill) Young

Charles Downs Descendants

The Moore Cemetery, Twp 3 South, Range 7 West, St. Clair County, IL

 Holds Opening for New Lumber Yard, Marissa Messenger 29 Jul 1960. 

Pictures from the Past

Volume 47, Number 4                                                August 2020

The American Brokerage

Searchlight Messenger, 22 Aug 1913

Abstracts from Nashville Democrat, Feb 1903

MarissaMessenger Abstracts, 4 Mar 1904

Atlas Moore & Some of His Descendants

New Athens Journal, Obituries & Deaths, Sept/Oct 1945

Nashville News Obituaries 4 Jan 1989-Nashville, IL.

Our Military

Picture from the Past

Volume 47, Number 3                                                     May 2020

Recollections of Elsa E. (Stahlman) Schmidt

Younger Generation Write Old History as they Find It.

Turpin/Laumbattus Connection

Washington County Farm and Cemetery

Marissa Area Veterans

Mystery Photo


Volume 47, Number 2                                             February 2020

Peacock Site, New Athens, IL

Abstracts from Marissa Messenger  29 Jan 1904

Abstracts from Marissa Messenger 5 Feb 1904

Abstracts from Marissa Messenger 12 February 1904

Frances V. Cleeton

Abstracts fronm Nashville Democrat, 5 March 1903

Miles McGough and Some of His Descendants

Abstracts from New Athens Journal 2 September 1910

McClay of Washington County, IL

Our Military

Genealogy Research Tips

Research Sources

Who’s Researching Who?