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Over the years we have accumulated more than one copy of some books. Because of space limitations we are  now being forced to part with the duplicate copies. Please note that these book are used, but in good condition.
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NOTE: We do not guarantee that these book will be available when your order arrives.
They are being sold on a first come first serve basis.
We will attempt to keep this list as up-to-date as possible.

Please note the cost of the books include postage.
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Please copy this form and mail with your check to the address listed below. Thank you.

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Please note that most of these books survived the Academy Fire and therefore have water and smoke damage. Some quite a bit, while others very little

A Pioneer Family In Illinois: Martin and Susannah Sherrick
Barren County Kentucky Mortgage Book 1 1829-1833 (We have 2 copies available)
DAR Patriot Index, Vol. II, 1980
First United Presbyterian Church, Tilden, IL. History of
First Presbyterian Church of Peoria, 1835 – 1967
My Incredible Journey, Autobiography of My Live, by Audrey Wagner

$8.00 ea
Georgia Genealogical Magazine (hardbound) (Smoke damage)
July 1964 thru April 1965
July 1965 thru April 1966
July 1966 thru April 1967
July 1967 thru April 1968

St Clair County, IL, combined Atlas 1874 and 1901.  (Water & Smoke Damage)
Master Index to The Georgia Genealogical Magazine, Number 1-46; 1961-1972
McKendree College Centennial History – 1828 – 1928 (643 pages; hardbound) This book has               no water or smoke damage.
Wallace A. Rainey and Jessie L. Ringer, Their Ancestors, Descendants and Allied Families, by                 Ralph E. Rainey (hardbound, 402 pages) slight smoke damage.

Settlers of the Beekman Patent, Vol. 1
Tracing Your Philippine Ancestors, by Lee W. Vance (light smoke damage)

Please check book you would like to purchase and submit your request with payment to:

P.O. Box 245
Marissa, IL 62257-0245

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STATE: ____________________ ZIP CODE: ________ + ________

COUNTRY: _____________________________________

Please make checks payable to: Marissa Historical and Genealogical Society