Meek Milling Company was established in 1873 by A. J. Meek.  Ed McLean was head engineer and Jonathan Jones night engineer who held this position until he and  his brothers formed the Jones Bros.Coal and Mining Company in 1897.  The mill was enlarged and a partnership was formed by A. J. Meek, Theodore Finger and Ed Stephani.  This partnership was dissolved in 1900 when Mr. Finger went into the coal business known as the Borders coal Company.  Mr. Meed then bought the outstanding stock and became sole owner.  In 1902 Will Meek became general manger and with Norton Meek and Harry Glenn traveled through the South selling the flour. The mill, which had reached a capacity of 350 barrels of flour a day, produced four brands of flour:  Calla, Snowdrop, Cream and Oriental.Fred Landgraf was Secretary and Bookkeeper; Rowena Paul, bookkeeper; James Johnson and Ed Johnson, wheat buyers; John Hendricks, four packer; James Marshall delivered the flour in the large mill wagon.

The mill also had its own Cooper Shop where the barrels were made.  Some of the people employed there were Jame Hissong, Phillip Rothmeier, George Morgenthaler, Henery Morgenthaler, Luther Walker, Tom Gray, Terry Gray, Boyd McCreight, Ben Hardebeck, Mr. Sherer and Mr. Ritter.  The Mill closed about 1936.